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Bingo System change the traditional way of credit risk analysis and management on SMEs,
combines of insurtech and big data analysis to dynamically collecting and analyzing the transaction data, from order to cash, to reflect the true operations and financial capabilities of SMEs, make SMEs credit risk transparent, foreseeable and thus controllable.

About Us

Company Business:
Q&X Credit aims to become the leading credit risk underwriting and monitoring agency by deploying insurtech and big data analysis to support SMEs to get easy financing from various financial institutions.
Company Introduction:
Q&X Credit Underwriting and Rating (Beijing) Co., Ltd (Q&X) is an insurtech startup and was founded in 2017.
Q&X specializes in credit risk underwriting and monitoring on SMEs. The core management team all have more than 15 years experience in credit insurance or corporate credit management.
Insurance Company
Strengthen the dynamic monitor of credit risks on SMEs and provide enough coverage on insured SMEs.
Financial Institutions
Lower the credit risks of lending to SMEs and support the growth of real economy.
Anchor Company
Release the financial obligations and increase sales  Bingo
Get easy financing at much lower cost